SURF & TURF BURGER: from 17th - 31st Aug 2019

Beer Match : Garage Project,


The Kung Fu Chicken - 2ND PLACE WOAP 2018


The Beauty and the Beast Burger - TOP 5 WOAP 2017


Visa's Wellington On A Plate is back for August 2017 and APACHE are hosting part of the food and beverage celebrations with their exclusive set menu and new Burger, 'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST'.

As a Vietnamese-French restaurant, the burger presents a fusion of unique Vietnamese flavours, which are carefully combined with a touch of French influence. The complex flavours are discovered from the first bite, - a crusty homemade hazelnut, cashew and sesame with beurre noisette bun, to a caramelised smokey and spicy patty with chili, fivespice, prickly ash pepper, and a mild, soft Laughing Cow cheese then sweet zesty flavours from an ungli and orange relish.

Be sure to make a booking and let our friendly staff know you would like to have the set menu or burger to secure your spot. This menu is subject to availability and only available from 11th - 27th of August.

The Bang Bang Burger - FINALIST 1ST PLACE WOAP 2016

From Tues 17th till Sat 21st April 2018 The Bang Bang Burger (Voted 2016 Visa WOAP Best Burger) is back to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Apache.

Limited availability for lunch from 11:30am to 2:30pm. Booking is Essential...